My mission is to communicate stories and ideas in impactful ways that will inspire world and empower its people. I’m a great many things. The proudest titles I hold are mother, partner and creator. I write: songs, lyrics, music, blogs, books, plays, TV shows, movies and lunchbox notes. I build businesses with profound purpose and meaning (at least, to me). I tell the truth- sometimes brutally. I have two beautiful boys that light up my life with their hugs and “Mamas”, two sweet pups that couldn't be more opposite, a husband who- much more importantly- has been and continues to be my best friend, and a handful of ridiculously good people who call me a part of their family, whether we’re related or not. I love a love song. I write fast and ferociously and without filter- if a song isn’t done in an hour, it’s probably not meant for me, I’ve decided. I’m a Gemini, a believer in something bigger than me and this earth. I believe in second chances. I root for the underdog (and help them when I can). I think we’re all going to be ok. Especially if we can continue to fill the world with art and beautiful things. That’s what will remain, and that’s what I hope my legacy will someday be.